Monday, August 31, 2009

This and that.

Yep, Tainter Turtle was right. ( And others also ) That vine thing is a wild cucumber. Not poisonous but not edible either. I will have to go check out the web site that Ceder View Paint Horses pointed out.

Good day at work. I went in a few hours early so that I could hook up my lap top to the power point projector thing-a-ma-gig. I'm going to be teaching a (Very ) Basic computer class so I wanted to go over the stuff and do some real practice not just reading over the curriculum. In doing so I somehow messed with my settings. I would almost blame my Dad for messing with it but he's not here. ( But I will still blame him! )

I got off work at 8pm and got home by 8.25pm. I need to get some lanterns. I had to pull the truck up to the garage so that I could shine the truck lights inside. I'm thinking about getting the propane kind that you screw in a small can. My friend Rose thinks that I should get a battery kind that you can turn on and off from a distance with a clicker type thing. I wonder how bright that one would be? How long would it last?
The girls had their hooves and heads up and overlooking the pen checking out what was going on. They LOVE me, it has nothing to do with that I bring them food. ( Not! It is so about the food with them )


  1. I am thankful for our nice yard light that comes on when it gets dark.

    Of course the girls love you Krissy!

  2. I'm so glad the girls love you Krissy, even if it does involve FOOD!

    You really need a yard light by your house and one by the goat shed. It's always a shock in late summer because the days are getting considerably shorter. I can't believe it's dark by 8 pm now...bummer.

  3. Still light here at 8:00. And 9:00. But then it goes downhill fast. I'm sure your goats love you for you, not just what kind of food you bring. Do they get enough food if they only get a bit of grain and there's no longer any browse in their pen?

  4. Drat the dark! Maybe you should get a headlamp? The work pretty good and the new models are light (not heavy) on your head until you decide what to do for the long term.