Saturday, September 5, 2009

This and that.

On Thursday my Uncle and Aunt ( My Dad's brother ) came by for a visit. It was nice to have them here. They were going to stay the night but plans changed so that only stayed the day.I got a kick out of the fact that they are only a 5 hour or so drive away from me but they pack a cooler for lunch. It's a smart ideal really. They would rather make their own sandwiches and stop at a place that has a nice view them eat fast food. When I go to CO in October I think I will do that also. I'm going to have to stop a few times for Abby to take a potty break, might as well eat better food then fast food.

I had to break some bad news to Abby this morning. She and the kittens were all cuddled up on the bed last night. The kittens found us and spent the night. When I got up one time I turned on the light and saw the kittens back to back with Abby. She didn't believe me at first but has now come to terms with it. We wont rule out therapy..... yet.

My sisters up in AK wont believe this next sentence but it is the truth. I went to 3 craft type stores today and I did not get whiny in any why, shape or form. I went with my friend from work. She was looking for beading stuff and I was looking for soap stuff. I actually had fun ( gulp) looking at all the shiny beads.
Huh, I wonder if this might be why I'm having some computer problems?


  1. Did you find what you were looking for at the craft stores?

    It's good for Abby to get some kitty love too.

  2. They are just so darn cute! How can you even be mad at them for a moment? Pretty soon Abby will be letting them curl up with her on the couch too. I'm proud of you, no whining at the craft store. Now that you have accomplished that, it's time for the next step. You must go to a fabric store and not whine either.

  3. yay Krissy!!! Not even a grimace from you at that craft store? Good girl!!

    Too funny about SOS and Damien (that's what I think you should switch their names to...)

    Abby is really letting them sleep with her?? That is so hard to believe! She loved terrorizing cats back in the day.

  4. SOS and Damien? haha

    What is it with cats and laptops? Mine do the same thing - and they're 15 pounds and 10 pounds each. That can't be good for keyboards...

    For your beading friend: My sister and a friend of mine both bead, and they've really liked this website.

  5. So glad you were patient with my browsing and even bought me chocolate! What a good friend!