Thursday, October 22, 2009

Excitement on the ranch.

Well, I just had a little excitement here at the house. ( Realize that I have a boring life OK?)

I saw something move on the back porch so I went to the door to look out and what did I see?
A big, big black and white full grown cat. He (or she) came up to the door and meowed at me. I opened the door and my little kitties come a running to the door and see this cat and jam on the breaks and skid to a stop, while skidding to a stop they both fluffed up like cute fluff balls ( Not scary to me at all, very cute! ) Hissing and growling at the big cat. The big cat ran off and my 2 kittens then hissed and stayed fluffy with each other for about 10 min. Till I picked them up and made them both purr. ( I like to do that, make them purr. I am the master and you will be happy when I tell you to be happy ) Even Abby had to get off the bed and check it all out.

About soap. I will have a link on this blog to that site. And I will post when I have it up. I think that I will have it done on Sunday. That will be my post for the day.


  1. Wow! That is either VERY exciting or you really do lead a boring life. I'm goig with boring. Enjoyed talking to you on phone and listening to you struggle with math potatos.

  2. Math potatos? Isn't that a book from the library?

    Big fun times at your place with the stray wandering around. Hopefully it is getting all you mice..

  3. You think your life is boring? My excitement for today is that I got a new mouse for the computer!

    Now THAT'S boring. But you know what? I like it that way.