Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Day.

Just right off the bat I want you all to know that I'm not complaining in anyway shape or form. But today I worked from 9.30a to 7.30p. That's a 10 hour day. I have not done that in a long time. At the old job I was schd for 10 hour days ( No break as we didn't want them) and often worked more then that. I was to clean the library from 5pm to 5.30p but I took that as a break to eat my apple for dinner. ( Don't feel bad, I'm eating ice cream now) I thought about cleaning but tomorrow it's the children's reading time and you know that the little precious kiddies are going to spill, drop and make a mess anyways.

It was not a slow day but just steady with patrons. I had the high pitched mumbler in this evening so that was about 1/2 hour of just fun times for me.

Oh, and the other day I woke up with the Mount McKinley of a zit on my neck. Why? ( Just think, now you can sleep better tonight cause you now know all )

Well, off to the basement for me so that I can wrap more soap. It takes time to wrap and cut and tie bows all all that jazz.

P.S. I should have my soap site up by Sunday and will be open to take orders for soap.


  1. I appreciate you Aunt Krissy! Thanks for holding down the fort today. Thanks for being patient with the mumbler child!!!!

  2. I'm glad you chased that apple with something like icecream - wouldn't want you to start eating healthy or anything. That would upset the cosmic balance of the universe. You did have a long day and that is hard after you've been working up to 4 hours at a time. You must be exhausted....time for a nap?

  3. Got some orders for plain & bay soap and waiting for all the gals to get their orders in. Glad website is almost up. Had at least 6" of heavy/wet snow when left at 645a and snowing hard until Colo City. Yukon hooked up to horse trailer so hope car will make it up driveway tonight!! Lance helped me get tractor blade fixed this weekend so may be plowing snow in the dark to night!!
    That is just plain gross on the Mt.McKinley info!!

  4. Krissy!
    I figured you must be working more hours since Kellie isnt there. Poor thing.. 10 hours!! I'm loving my State job! did you know MOnday was "Alaska Day", so that means another day off!
    I'm anxious to see your soap site. I gave a bar to a friend here and she loves it. I think I can convince her to buy some!
    have a great day.
    and thanks for the TMI on the zit.

  5. Busy gal you are now. Especially with the craft show coming up.