Monday, December 28, 2009

How dare they?!

I don't believe that I have advised you that I'm hooked on a new show. Well, it's really not new but I did not watch it when it was on TV so now I'm playing catch up.

I'm hooked on Bones, the TV show. I just finished season 3 and DR. ZACK ADDY IS GORMOGON?! NO NO NO! How can that be? Why did they feel the need to get rid of him?

I am getting the DVDs from Netflix. I am liking Netflix. While I wait for the DVDs to come in I can watch shows on the computer. I am also now watching Farscape, a SciFi series. Not as good as Fire Fly but not bad. And yes, this is cutting into my reading but It seems like the last few books that I have gotten have been dull. I have a hard time saying it but I did not finish the last Dean Koontz book called Breathless. By chapter 5 or so, I was very disappointed in it. This is my opinion, ever since his dog Trixie died a few years ago, he has not come out with a good book. I think that he is very depressed. If you have not ever read a Dean Koontz book I would recommend that you read these 3 books. 1. From the Corner of His Eye. 2. Dark Rivers of the Heart. and 3. Life Expectancy. His series called Odd Thomas are good. The last one not so hot but still OK. The book called The Taking was also a good read. He does have some scary type books that I like but the ones I mentioned are not scary.

I will leave you with wise words from Jimmy Tock ( Life Expectancy ) " As long as there is cake, there is hope"


  1. Ok, I watch Bones too. What the heck is Gormorgon? I missed something somewhere. Do please explain.

  2. I love Bones! Just began watching on TV - FOX has the new episodes on Thursday's.

    Never fear Krissy - things are not always as they seem. I don't know why Zac is no longer a regular on the series but he is a good guy!

    Has Abby forgiven you for putting her in the doggie hotel instead of taking her on your trip?

  3. I think I may have to check out that Farscape show.

  4. Patty - Google "Gormorgon" and look in Wikipedia for info as there is a bunch of info that would probably make more sense to you than me as we haven't had t.v. since the changeover in June to HD

  5. Bike man watches Bones too! I just don't understand TV series...sorry.