Sunday, January 3, 2010

My girls are back.

The goat lady brought my girls back today late this afternoon. I was happy to see them. They, on the other hand just went "meh" and put their noses into the grain. I worry that they might get cold as this morning at 7am it was -22F at the house ( -30c ) The goat lady assured me that I had a good set up for them and not to worry. She said as long as they can get out of the wind they will do fine.
I am going to go get more straw and put down another layer of bedding.

I think that the Church I go to it going to stop having a potluck each Sunday. Maybe go to just once a month. I like that idea. It's hard to make something every week. Today I made duck. Our preacher gave me 4 duck breast a few weeks ago as he likes to hunt but does not like duck. I cooked them in the crock pot with onions and apples and a few garlic cloves. I then de-boned the duck, took out the apple and onion stuff and then made a rue and thickened up the liquid to make a nice gravy. It turned out real good. The preacher liked my duck. ( He's a preacher, he wouldn't lie would he?)

On Monday ( Tomorrow ) I'm going to go to the collage that I applied at and see what's going on. They have not sent me anything via mail or e-mail. I can't register for class online as I can't see what days and hours the classes are being offered. I need to make sure they don't conflict with my dream job at the library.

Which, speaking of work. A shout out to all my friends at the old job in Alaska. I see that "A season" is upon you. I'm sorry but I'm also glad that I'm not there! I will pray for good weather on the chain for you all. And no MX and no sick Capt's and FO and F/A.

This evening I cut up 3 batch's of soap. I need to make some more soap soon. I would like to have a bunch made up for the summer. I am going to sign up to have a table at one of the local farmers market.

Well, that's all for know. I fell asleep watching a movie on NetFlix as I didn't sleep that well last night. Go ask Harvey, the black kitten why.


  1. Go get some sleep Krissy...kick those kitties out of your room!

  2. I'm guessing Harvey was playing "poke holes with tiny claws into owners' leg"? Sounds like a fun game to me. When are the baby goats expected? March?

  3. Ugh - "we" now have a new pup - an 8 wk old Blue Heeler-x!! Was at a roping New Years Day and one of the ropers was selling them for $100. Told Taylor nope, don't need another dog--especially a pup. Price later dropped to $50 - still no-no-and-no!! Next thing you know the roper is giving "Rowdy" to Taylor. So, now I'm in the habit of greeting him "Howdy, Rowdy". He is out in car today at work as Taylor is back at Hills working her 3 young horses this week and doesn't need the distraction. I don't have the garage clean/safe for him and he's too little to hang outside during day with Spookers & Happy. We had to go to Denver to National Western Stock Show this weekend so "Howdy-Rowdy" accompanied us - was a big hit. As Taylor wasn't home, "Howdy-Rowdy" slept w/me & the two old dogs on bed - I think he behaved a lot better than your "Harvey" did for you!! He hasn't discovered the birds, yet, and wondering how it's gonna be to train him to stay clear of them. Am thinking about turning the "little green devils" (Brutus & Dumb-Dumb) loose on him - they are so onry that maybe a few pecks on the nose will teach him to steer clear of birds??!!

  4. Are both goats supposed to have babies? Thanks for Christmas Card and note Kris.


  5. Thanks for the prayers. A Season has already been quite an experience.

  6. I bet the girls are glad to be home.

    Every week did sound like a lot to make something to eat.

    So what do all those abbrev. stand for?

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