Sunday, February 7, 2010

Undaysay onfessioncay

I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a confession, maybe more of a dumb kid thing. But then, don't all kids do dumb things? A few post back I had mentioned that I had to get in front of my class and "share" a learning experience that I had when I was a kid in school. I told the story about how my third grade teacher did not like me. I have been thinking about that. I may have not been the easiest kid in the class. I don't remember being a bad kid, but I do remember taking a spelling test that the teacher gave me a big fat red F on it!

She just did not appreciate the new found skill I had in learning a second language! I had learned
PIG LATIN! It was not just the spelling test, I also did my some of my class work in my new language and if I remember right, I may have spoken this new language for a short time. After getting my F and a talking to, I gave up. I went back to plain boring English.

Did you know that you can get English translated to Pig Latin on the Internet? I decided not to do this post in Pig Latin. I was going to link to is so that you could get it translated but as you can see I did not go that route. You all might have given me a big fat red F if I had!


  1. I didn't know you did that. No wonder the teacher was annoyed with you. Now can you have a little more patience with the kids who come to the library? There's nothing a teacher likes more than a wise cracker.

  2. I never did understand pig latin. Probably a good thing tho.

  3. Pig latin was a language I never mastered. That teacher should have recognized your talent for a different language!