Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting cranky!

I know why I'm so, so tired in the morning! My dumb dog is getting up at night and then she can't get back in bed so she nudges me to help her, if the nudge does not work then I get a sharp bark in my face!

I'm not sure why she is getting out of bed. I offer her to go outside and she will just lay down and look at me. She has food and water, and I don't hear her going to them. I think that she is just achy maybe? And wants to be in a new position. I will start giving her the drugs two times a day and see if that helps.

But then Abby has been lying to me! She can so jump up in the bed on her own. This morning she got out of bed, I put her outside as that was what she wanted. I left the door open and in about 10 minutes she came back and like a youngster she just hopped back in bed!

She is being sneaky!


  1. She is a sneaky one! You maybe just have her real spoiled!

  2. If she's uncomfortable at night, perhaps it's hard to get back into bed at that time? Aunt Krissy, build her stairs! Make it easy so she doesn't have to wake you up and you won't feel guilty about her not being able to get into bed on occasion.