Saturday, April 3, 2010

The girls.

Well, this morning I got Maggie on the stand and I guess I was to close as she would stop eating her grain. I then closed the head bar on her and she freaked out! And struggled and fell/jumped off the stand. I will try again tomorrow. What I'm going to do today, not feed them as much so that she will be really wanting her grain in the morning, put her on the stand, NOT close the head bar, and step away from her and let her eat in peace. I will do that for a few days then go back to touching her and getting her used to be handled again. I'm kind of mad at myself for letting all that work last summer go to waste over the winter and starting new again! Both girls need their hooves trimmed but again, they have not been handled that much in the winter so I have to start at the beginning.

Harvey was a big game hunter this morning. Brought me back a shrew. It was tiny but Harvey acted like it was a big bad mouse. He was rather proud of it.


  1. Animal time sure slips to the back burner in the winter doesn't it?

    Harvey is AWESOME! Love those ears.

  2. Love that Harvey/shrew photo! Good boy Harv.

    Boy that's too bad about Maggie freakin out on you. I'm sure it doesn't help with her being pregnant and weighing much more. How about some nice soothing music playing in the background?

  3. Goats aren't the brightest critters around, are they? I suppose once they relearn the procedure you might only have to do it once per week or something to keep them used to it. Harvey is a good cat. Still want to get rid of him?