Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, no confessions

Well, I will confess that I'm becoming a lot like my dad. Today, while in church I could not stay awake! I think I might have hurt my neck just a wee bit, as it was bobbing back and forth! I could not even begin to tell you what the sermon was about as I was out after he said "good morning"

After my nap at church, when I got home I went around and cut down a lot of branches off some trees. I have tent worms again and I don't like that. I was very aggressive, one tree now looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. (I burn the branches)

I then sat outside with the girls and read while they munched on my blackberry brambles and other weeds that are coming up. Goats are good at clearing out brush. Then, as if my hour nap in church was not enough, I got very sleepy sitting in the sun so I came inside and took a nap.

Anybody know of a way to clean a camera? A few weeks ago, I had my camera in a cup holder in the truck and in the other cup holder I had a soda, I did not know that I spilled soda on my camera and now the shutter keeps sticking and I have to nudge it to fully open, and also the zoom part is gummed up.

Another thing, why do cats think that if they move ever so slowly we wont realize that they are sneaking up on our lap? I mean, come on Harvey, you're a five pound black cat. I see you! I feel your little paws on me! It does not matter how slow you go, I know what you're doing!


  1. Are you using your sleep machine aka octopus? Sound slike your sleep apnea is keeping you from getting a good nights rest, OR it could be that you stay up all night watching TV reruns.

  2. Too many late nights for you girlie! Get some sleep so you don't have to nap on a perfectly georgeous day....geez!