Saturday, April 17, 2010

this and that

I'm done! Well, kind of done. I have my rough draft done for my written comm class. It's 10 pages long. Now I will take that to class on Monday and find all the errors and fix them. Also put it in the proper format. But it's done!

I went to Wally world today and while I was looking at things to buy (I did not bring a list so could not remember all that I needed) I realized that I have not bought pickles in over a year!
I eat pickles a few times a week so how did I manage that? Because I make my own. That got me to thinking that I wont be buying eggs that much as now I have my own egg making machine.

That got me to thinking that if I figure out how to make cheese from the goat's milk I wont be buying cheese that often.....Whoa....Noop, I will still buy cheese. I need to have my super duper sharp Cheddar, Gouda and some Havarti.

But then I realized that I have not bought soap in almost a year. No silly, I'm not stinky, I have been using my own soap.

Now I feel sick. I just ate a big dinner of Sloppy Joe's and then topped it off with a bowl of Pistachio pudding. Just so you know, that is not a good burping combo nor is it sitting well in my tummy.

I just finished a book today called, Weeping underwater looks a lot like laughter by Michael White. I'm sure that it was a good book, just not the kind of book that I like to read. Too full of emotions. It's about a young man (16, 17?) that moves to another town and falls for the popular girl at the new school. Who likes him back, but the girls' younger sister is ill with multiple sclerosis and of course she dies in a tragic accident that may or may not be the young mans fault. So he's full of guilt, the girl is full of guilt, the parents are mad. Everybody had to work on their issues and I'm thinking to myself, why am I reading this book? I like a good bloody violent murder by page 2 with twist and turns that by the end you learned a thing or two about how to hide a body! (One way, feed it to the pigs! they eat everything!) Hey, you never know what information just might come in handy!

I will start another book today. It's for the book club. This one is called Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn. This is a Sci-fi book. Which is fine by me. I like Sci-Fi, it's just hard for me to find a good one. I like the hard core Sci-Fi, the ones with space travel and new worlds not dragons and fairies. That genera often gets put into the Sci-fi genera.

Who's your favorite sci-fi author? And no, Piers Anthony does not count! He's not a Sci-Fi writer.


  1. Issac Asimov all time favorite good enough to read again and again How ya doing? I'm getting ready to head back to Tok to cut trees to build my home.....funny thing happened while I was out in the woods staking survey lines....found a whole bunch of really nice log type trees and I already own them blew my mind totally cool concept call me sometime I miss you

  2. I'm thinking pistachio/sloppy joe not a good mix at all. That would cause rumblies in the tumbly.

  3. Jenny, I would love to call you, do you have the smae number from 2 years ago? Or should I get a new one from Alicia?

  4. My favorite sci-fi author is... um, not sure! I tend to read more fantasy myself. Oh! I love Red Dwarf! That's sci-fi! So, I'd have to say Grant Naylor, who is actually two people, Grant and Naylor.