Sunday, May 16, 2010

Again with the goats.

Sorry, no new pictures of the babies. I mean really, how many times do you want to see cute adorable baby goats with floppy ears? I know I get tired of looking at them and feeling their silky soft ears and soft fuzzy coats. Yuck!

When I went to feed the babies this morning, everybody was up and active. The little girl that didn't feed so well last night downed her part of the bottle and again this afternoon and evening. she ate real well. Now the boy did not. I think that he is getting milk from his momma and does not like the rubber teat, he wants the real thing.

I'm happy to report that Maggie only balked a little bit at the stand this morning and then got on and this evening she did just fine. I think that she is getting into the routine of it all. I now brush her when I'm done. I brush her till she relaxes and then I let her off the stand.

Juju, remember, she is a very big boned gal! I think she weighs about 150lbs. I tried to get her on the stand this morning and I had to drag her on it and then she folded her legs under her and just laid there. I then dragged her off and put her gain bowl on the floor and sat next to her and milked her. She stayed still and didn't kick at all. She did move a bit but I just moved with her.
Tonight when I milked her, I just put her grain bowl on the floor, sat next to her, started to milk her and she lowered her hips and went into a milking stance. She ate, I milked and all was good.
I think that I will just keep doing it this way. I'm not milking her out as I want to make sure that the babies get their fair share.

Well, it's time to go count the chickens and close up all the doors on all the animals and get them all tucked in for the night. I might even kiss Juju on the nose.


  1. Wow Krissy, you have your work cut out for you. I hope your goat family settles in and you get LOTS of milk.

  2. One can never see too many pictures of sweet, fuzzy, baby goats. I'm glad the whole milking thing is working out. You and the goats just needed a good understanding of how things were going to be.

    Glad to hear your milking of JuJu is going well. Have you tried milking Maggie off the stand?

  4. With all the milking you are doing are you able to put any in the freezer for making soap?

    Yes, more pictures would be nice..

  5. I like pictures...cute baby goats who could get tired of them?