Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farmers Market

This is my roof over my head at the Farmers Market. It does a real good job of providing shade, not that we needed it today. It was to be sunny and up in the 80's today. The weather man lied. It was cloudy and windy and then around noon some dark clouds rolled in and there were cracks of thunder and lighting. Everybody started to pack up. At 1pm I packed up also. My roof was leaking!This is what my table looks like.
It was real slow at the market today. Maybe the weather? I like my spot, but for one little itty bitty problem. The person to the right of me plays "Renaissance Fair" music and I swear, that I if I have to listen to Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (Scarborough Fair) one more time I will take her instrument and knock her senseless! She has about 15 songs and she plays them (and sings) them over and over.


  1. Does she blow on an ocarina also? I've done booksignings next to a lady that wrote a childrens book of songs and she sang them the whole time. She has one of those high-pitched highly annoying voices. It made your skin crawl.

  2. Hahaha...that made me laugh. When Eman was a baby, that is the song I always sang him to sleep with (Scarborough Fair).

    Even now, when he is working and I hear him humming, that is the song he hums, lol!

    I like your table you have it set up very nice!

  3. Maybe you could teach her a new song OR get their early and start playing your own choice of music.
    How are the kids and the chicks?
    Is your hen still sitting in the same place? Is she sitting on eggs? Maybe you will get some chicks!

  4. I re-read my post and can't believe I used the wrong there!!!!