Thursday, June 3, 2010

I got nipples!

I know, that may be a bad,bad title for the blog but I couldn't help myself! I bottle feed two kids and I only had one bottle and one nipple. The kids (Not sure which one) chewed my only nipple in half! I went online and found a goat supple place in KS and ordered five nipples.

What's neat about these nipples is that they fit on plastic soda or water bottles. Now I have two bottles so I can feed both babies at the same time. I was having a hard time feeding one, and then then the other. I would get one out and feed by itself but then the other one would cry, cry, cry, and it drove me nuts. When you have both out, you have to play referee and keep them from knocking the nipple/bottle out from each other as they fight over the one bottle. Tonight when I fed them, it was peace in the barn!

For those that ask about if I'm keeping the babies. Noop, well, maybe. I don't know! I might keep the boy. He is so sweet and is a snuggle bunny. I will castrate him soon. My friend Kellie might want one. She would like to have two of them when they are older and have them clean out some brush for her. Not really sure if she wants to keep them for ever and ever. I know her children would like to keep one. At work some library patrons said that they would like to buy one or two. So not really sure. If I sell the boy, I need to make sure that they want him castrated or not. They might want a buck.


  1. I think you would make a good goat mommie....keep at least one baby goat.

    Good luck on the nips!!!!!

  2. Go to or Nasco or Jeffers and look for a lamb bar. It makes feeding multiples really easy.

    Your goaties are beautiful.

  3. It is an interesting title...are you trying to get more readers? J & J have those kind of nipples that fit over any bottle.

  4. What does Abby think of the little ones?? Does she get jealous of them?? And how is Harvey doing these day?? You should see the baby mule at the ranch. He is out of the Creamelo QH mare and a white jack. He is so white and cute!!

  5. Where are the pictures of these nipples?