Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bye Bye

I had to say bye to my two baby goats tonight. My friend Kellie (and her family) came over for dinner and when they left they took Basil and Nutmeg with them. I was actually a little bit sad to see them go. I didn't realize that I had grown to care for them that much.

I also gave Kellie some goat milk and the bottles. They have not had milk for the past 3 days and I think that if Kellie and the kids bottle feed them a few times, the babies will settle down quicker. Kellie is only going to give them a cup each so it's more of a comfort thing, not really a food thing.

When they got home with the babies, Kellie called me up to let me know that Basil cried (screamed) all the way to her house. LOUD! Better them then me!

I had a good day at the Farmers Market. It was my second best day. Sold 19 bars of soap. Down side, that singing lady was there. I was about ready to ram some parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme down her throat!

I also saw something today at the market that will forever be burned in my mind. A man was there, wearing bike shorts, no underwear. Let's just say that I know more about him then I wanted to know! Why dear God? Why?! Did you ever see the movie Something About Mary? Remember the scene were the zipper gets stuck and the dad ask "Is it the beans and franks or just the frank?" That's what was going through my mind while the guy was in front of me talking to a friend. (Yes, in front, facing me)


  1. ahhhh... Krissy, Krissy, Krissy...that's too funny.

    Wow...19 bars o soap. and is that really the only song that lady sings? Does she at least have a pretty voice?

    Me and Jim were going to go to a Brandi Carlile concert but the tickets were all sold out. Bummer!! Have you ever heard of her? She's my favorite singer. I think you'd like her music.

  2. ha ha ha ha good one. I once worked with a portly guy who came in on St. Patricks Day wearing shiny green skin-tight biking pants with suspenders. It is burned into my memory too! Good job on the soap! Did you try the jewel weed yet? I hope little goatlets settle in and don't cry all night. That would be sad.

  3. What a good laugh you gave me tonight! That guy is even worse than the "down low butt crack" guys.

    Good selling and great restraint Krissy. Have you ever asked her to share her talent with other vendors at the market?

    Poor Nutmeg and Basil. I hope they bond really fast with their new family.

  4. Ohhh that's bad. Real bad. Why do people do that. Underwear man! Underwear!

    THe kids will settle down.

  5. I forgot to ask;
    how are the momma's and Sage reacting?
    If the moma's are not upset do you think it was because they had sort of rejected Meg and Basil early on?
    Is Sage still nursing?

  6. The kids love them Krissy. Thank you.

    I'm so glad your soap business is doing well!

  7. Ohhhh geez, I probably know that biker guy!!!!!

    Yippee, glad you sold more soap Krissy.