Saturday, August 14, 2010

More goat talk.

I slept pretty good last night,other then Abby getting off the bed and wanting back on, but she needs help to get back on, she barks to let me know she needs up,up,up on the bed.

I made some decisions.

Wait till Maggie's test get back. (Six weeks) If it's positive then put her down, and also put down Sage, the kid. I can't test the kid, but right now she has 25% chance of having Johne's in utero and then she nursed on Juju,which heightened the risk as Juju could have had infected fecal matter on her teats.

While I'm waiting, find out how much a soil test cost. If it's in my price range get the current pasture tested and see just what level on infection I have there.

If the test for Maggie comes back negative, and the pasture test is negative, keep everybody on the current pasture. It will be winter soon, with a snow cover and the goats wont be nibbling on grass/weeds that may have Johne's. Also be very aggressive in keeping the goat pen, where they sleep, clean. I will NOT do a deep bedding like I did last year.

If goats are negative but land is positive build a small pasture on some land that the goats never really hung out on. Build a small,weather tight shelter and the goats will do fine over the winter.

Then test again next year. I might have to buy milk for soap making. I bought enough to make a lot of soap so maybe I wont have to, but I would rather sell lots of soap and need more then sit on milk.

Now about the two kids over at my friends house. I only ever wanted two does. I never had a desire to have a goat herd. One of the kids is a castrated male. I'm not going to take them back. My friends are going to put them down over there and take care of it for me. These kids where always going to be pets/weed eaters, not dairy goats. They have cows and can't risk the chance of Johne's. They are really good friends. It is a weight off me as it's two less goats that I have to decide about.

Also, don't be upset with the goat lady. I got my goats from her last year, yes, Juju had Johne's there and brought it over here, but the goat lady did not know that she had a infected herd. She just found out this year when she had one that lost weight and had it tested. Maybe she should have kept a closed herd? Who's to say, she needs to run her goats the way that works best for her. I will need to take care of my goats that is the best way for me. She did not purposely do this. Yes, I was mad with her at the first, but unfairly, I was upset and wanted to blame somebody. There is no blame. It just happened.

To end on a good note. Sold 17 bars of soap and had a lot of repeat people. They liked my soap and wanted to try other scents and also to give as gifts. That was nice, I needed that little perk.


  1. Why can't you use the milk for making soap? It's not going to be eaten. Just wondering.

  2. Oh, the milk is ok. Johne's causes the goat to starv to death, milk goes down/off as the goat starvs. Breeding casues stress and then the Johne's (If the goat has it) takes off and does it's thing. From what I read, it can take up to 3 breeding cycles in cows for the cow to show the signs but all the while be positive for Johne's. Goats shows up with stress, that can be heat, moving, kidding.

  3. This sounds like the BEST course of action.

    Am always here for you! You have my email.

  4. An extra hug for you today. Hard decision to make esp if they are your children too. Be thinking of you.