Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The visit.

My sister Kathy, and her son Jojo checking out how tall
the corn is.

Jojo in a tree (Duh!)

Jojo being a cowboy.
With all the goat "stuff" going on I did not talk about my sister's visit.
I picked her and family up at 6am, Wednesday morning (Last week)
and then took them back to the airport the next day at 7am. So I had a little bit more then 24 hours with them! That is one thing you can say about my family, we sure don't wear out a welcome.
When we got home from the airport they watched me do chores and then they all took a two hour nap. After nap time we drove to the town that I work in and showed them the library. Kathy thought that the library was so cute, because it was so small. Then off to the Farmers Market.
We got some veggies and also ate lunch there then off to Walmart. They could hardly believe how low the prices were on some things. Then back home where they all took naps again.
Dinner and then bed.
It was short and sweet, I just wish that a family member would visit and stay for more then one day!
I swear that I shower daily!


  1. glad you at least had that time with them. Did Kathy's husband make it too, or just her and Jo Jo??
    hope you are feeling better.

  2. Nice photos Krissy. I wish your family would come and spend one full-week!

    Hope you had a good morning visit with your friend.

  3. Why couldn't they stay longer? Too bad they couldn't stay at least 3 days.

  4. Short and sweet is good, otherwise people start wearing on you. This way we all still like each other! I'll come and see you longer than 24 hours next time I come.

  5. Cowboy JoJo has sure grown. Cathy looks like she is waiting for the spaceship to come and get her.

  6. JoJo was just a little guy the last time I saw him. Are they moving back to the islands or just going for a visit?

  7. @Janice, they are just going to visit Callie's folks in St Thomas.
    Not moving..............yet.