Monday, November 1, 2010

Come on baby.........

Yesterday, Sunday I decided to burn some of that wood that I had stacked around. I sat around my campfire for about an two hours or so. It was fun, I was able to poke at my fire with my mighty fire poking stick and not have anybody else mess with my fire. I also did some of my homework while I was enjoying the fire.

On a whole other note. I do not recall it every being this bad during elections with all the smear talk and all that stuff. When I get home I have lots of messages telling me who to vote for and then I get phone calls in the evening. I am so glad that it will all be over with tomorrow.


  1. Lovely fire photo! I love fires.. not in a pyro kinda way just to hang out around, there is something so relaxing about it, almost like meditation:)

  2. I'm really sick of those political phone calls and the TV ads. All that money spent on political ads is terrible.

    Hey, I like your fire. Too bad you didn't have some hot dogs to roast!!!!

  3. Politics are absolutely over the top this season... Be sure to vote!

  4. Yeh!! its election day.. its very bad here in AK too... we finally quit answering the phone when we didnt recognize the number (love the caller ID).
    Nice fire!!

    hey.. first snow this morning! wet and slushy.


  5. Wish would have been there enjoying it with you!!