Monday, November 22, 2010

He's back

That missing rooster showed back up. So I will have to take steps to get rid of him. I will find him a new home at Kellie's house. I'm sure that he will be happy there. He is now a bare bottom rooster! All his tail feathers are missing. How? I have no idea. I'm sure he has a story to tell.
He seems to be fine as that he's eating and pooping and drinking water. I have noticed that he's not picking on the big rooster.

Also, the cats (Harvey) are making me nuts! Now that it's been cold they are inside more and anybody want a black cat? I have sturdy box and will be more then happy to send him to you!

Na, I will keep Harvey, what would I have to whine about if not for him?


  1. Sounds like Kellie is the dumping ground for unwanted she cool with that? I guess as long as you take a cat ocassionally from her it all evens out. I may have found a new puppy....

  2. Let me send you a couple of birds and then you will a whole new subjec to whine about.. teehee
    Unfortunately this morning when I got up "Sunny" my jenday conure was dead so am down to 7 birds.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Kris and Patty ... we're in Hawaii for a couple of weeks..

  4. Maybe there's some coyote out there with a mouth full of feathers.

  5. I'd take Harvey, but he might melt from the climate difference. He could join Mo and Salem on my black cat brigade and help keep all the other cats in line.

    Sounds like something tried to carry your little roo off by his tail feathers!

    Remember when Luna broke the door on the sunporch of my coop last winter, causing my chickens to escape and Freya to try to run off (or bring me, that's still questionable) with one? She ended up missing her tail feathers from struggling and escaping Freya's mouth. Not a single puncture wound on the hen, which is why I gave Freya the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and she was headed TO the house, not away from it.