Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's been awhile

I have gotten real bad about posting. I feel that I don't have really that much to say anymore.
It used to be all new but this is now my third winter here in WI, school is still school, which I'm doing well in and work is still work, which is still the best job ever!

Today at church we had a pie auction to raise money for the teens to go to some thing. I made a coconut cream pie and it went for 100 bucks! Get out of here! I know it was for a good cause but still? Just so you know, some other pies went for 100 bucks too, but mine was the first to go.


  1. Wow! I would not believe anybody would pay that much for maybe a chocolate cream pie, or pecan pie, or lemon merangue pie, but not Coconut.

  2. I LOVE coconut cream pie! But I can't flip a hundy for one. Good job!

    Don't feel bummed about posting. We all go thru cycles.

  3. Cool! We had a dessert auction at our church a few times. The cheesecakes go for over 100$ The other desserts do well also.

    Don't stop posting because things are blah. Let us decide about that. Routine things to you are different things to us.

  4. Oh wow, your church folk are some serious pie eating people. $100 bucks? That's pretty awesome. Now I KNOW that was a good coconut pie because I've eaten your pies Krissy!

  5. Well done Krissy ! Now that had to be special cause you made it. and by other comments your pies are good.
    I went through a bad spot to just keep plugging at it when you feel like it.

  6. Ahhh come on Krissy - don't care what you blog about I still look forward to it!!! Hum.... to heck with making soap, you had better start selling pies!!!
    Coconut cream - naw - but make a good cherry pie and I would buy it!!!

  7. Wonderful! Always knew you were a good baker!