Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kind of a rant but not really ranty

I'm in the winter farmers market. The market is only one day a month during the winter. Last Saturday was the first one. And I did really well. I was surprised as there was not that many people but then all the people that did come, they all bought something. Now here's my rant

Oh, first off, I don't mean to offend anyone with my views. They are just my views. They are not right or wrong, they just are my thoughts on a subject.

At the market, the lady to the right of me was selling organic, sugar and salt free fresh ground peanut butter. (I got some but I had to add salt, much better!) She was also selling organic homemade bread. And also she was selling soap and lotions. (Not goat milk soap, just soap) When you are next to someone you get to hear their "talk" about their product.

She makes a almond and oat soap. She would talk about how the oats that she used are steel cut and organic. I didn't have a problem with the organic part as some people might worry about chemical spray on the oats and not want to wash with that. (I don't worry about that, I use Quaker oats in my soap) It was the going on about the oats being steel cut. I did a little poking around. From what I can see, all oats are steel cut, there is not really any other way to get the oaty goodness from the oat kernel. But why do people nod their head and say "Oh, steel cut, that's good"? I don't get that.

She also made soap that was made from filtered rain water that she collects. In my mind I see a gutter off her roof, that birds have flying overhead and have been pooping on, and a pantie hose foot on the end of the gutter with the water going into a big bucket, it's rain water that's filtered. Again, I would hear "Oh, filtered rain water, that's so good for your skin." And all I can think is that there is bird poop in that water! (I don't use water, I use goat milk)

I guess I am not jumping on that "Organic" band wagon. I feel that some of it is a bunch of hype and that some people just fork over their money without really looking behind the label on what the "organic" title really means. Now, that being said. I do like in the summer that I eat my garden food and I know that I didn't put a bunch of chemicals in it. I like that my eggs are from my own chickens and I know that my chickens are really free range and healthy and happy and next year, when I have chicks that are raised to go to freezer camp, I will know what and how my chicken was taken care of.

Long rant short. I shop at wally world, if the organic veggie is at the same price, I get it, if it cost more, then I don't. I'm on a very tight budget and if I can save 3 bucks? That's a gallon of gas that I can put in my truck.

What's your thoughts on the whole organic picture? Are you hard core? Do you have some doubt about the organic label?


  1. ha ha ha...nice rant! Yeah...that whole steel cut thing throws me off to cause it's so much more expensive but the other oats are cut also. Her "filtered" water may be a bit more clean than you envision but who knows...I do wish that there weren't so many pectisides on everything though. Just watched re run of Dr Oz yesterday about that. But one good thing about your neighbor? Not a peep about rosemary and tyme!!

  2. I hug every shrub I see!

    Not really.

    That organic thing is a fun one. I truly respect those that are fully organic. It's not easy and takes a lot of work in WI. BUT, there are those that claim to be organic without being so. Those folks are no good. If yer neighbor vendor falls into that category, the she should be outed as a faker.

    I don't go out of my way to purchase "organic" merchandise. Like you said, I'm happy that most of my veggies come from my ground, and that's about good enough for me.

  3. Hmmmm....I grow everything here as organic as I can. This year after over 10 years I had to break down and get that white dust to kill the bugs on my cukes. I just don't have time or energy to pick them off, like the die hards do. I was doing organic before organic was cool. To me it's just normal. But that said, like you, if veggies or fruit at the store is organic and it's more money, I leave it there. I buy the regular stuff. Like you I'm on a budget. I would love to be vegan and all natural blah blah blah, but working fulltime and living in a northern climate it's very hard.

    A friend of mine is vegetarian and homeschools etc... but she is a stay at home mom and her life pretty much revolves around what they eat. She's one of those that shops with a menu and can buy 300$ of groceries a week. She considers it an investment in their health. What do I think about that? Hmmm don't know. There might be truth to that and I admire her for doing it, but I can't. She even grinds her own wheat for Pete's sake!

    I like to tell people that the soap we make is as natural as I can make it, but it definately does not include organic ingredients. If it did, I'd have to charge 10$ a bar!

    Just ignore her. I know it's hard to do, but try anyway. Just try chatting people up. Dave went to a craft sale today and our competition was there. They are not chatty people, they hardly sold anything. Dave chatted them up and he sold 22 bars plus some spices. It wasn't even busy.

  4. Organic food is great....if you can afford it. It makes me feel bad that people living in proverty can't afford organic or fresh foods. I recommend watching "Food Inc." DVD, it explains this whole issue very well. It will open your eyes to a lot.

  5. Is she "certified" organic? That is the only way she can claim "organic" here.

  6. What's steel cut got to do with being organic? I can see organic with no pesticides, chemicals, free range and all that. But, steel cut vs what? How do other people get the oats off? Pinching off with their fingers? Regardless, oats is oats, steel cut or not. I'm guessing that's just a buzz line like "artesnal" or "state-of-the-art". You could call your soap "artesnal" and everyone would nod and say "artesnal? That's so good for the skin." I dare you to try it.

  7. Well, I buy some organic...mostly fresh veggie stuff, but not all the time.

  8. Hey - What about a nice post of Thanksgiving w/pics of what you did/where you went/what you cooked and/or ate ??!!

  9. There is a difference in what they call "steel cut oats" to say, Quaker oats. But, it is only important if you're making oatmeal. Irish oatmeal is this "steel cut" stuff. It has a different texture when cooked. But, that doesn't make a bit of difference in soap.

    Many small farms are organic, or as organic as they can get. But, most don't get certified because it's such a difficult process to go through, especially for the small grower. Plus, certification costs something like $600 a year. To most small farmers, that's a fortune!

    For my family, organic is important if IF we can afford it. It's organic if I grow it, except the chicken food. But, they're as organic as I can and am willing to get. My ladies are treated ethically and will live truly free-range, with sunlight, fresh air and lots of greens and bugs to eat.

    Aunt Krissy, just ignore her. Your goat milk soap is better anyways

    PS I need to put in a soap order!

  10. Steel cut oats have a very different texture - I think it's the first step of the process... rolled is the next step. So I can see how having steel cut oats in soap would give you more of an exfoliant effect... :) Love you sweet girl!