Monday, December 20, 2010

Not official yet

Two of my three classes that I had last semester have posted grades. They aren't official yet as they are no posted in my grade book, but in my running total.

For Human Resources there are 777 points possible and I have 792 points.

For Micro Soft Suite there are 840 points possible and I have 845 points.

For Business Management, I have no idea, I think I did pretty good, but you never know. I still have four assignments that need grading. The teachers have until the 23 of Dec to have all grades turned in.


  1. I bet you are relieved to be done with classes.

    Nice blog header. What a cool church!

  2. Great on grades - am sending Taylor to go to school with you!!!! Looks like she flunked her English & that is where she needs credits to graduate - heading to PCC today to rearrange her schedule so can (hopefully) fit in 2 Engish classes for this semester. Bad Dutch Harbor type winds Sun/Mon - in fact flew down a huge pine tree just down from house. The foot of snow we got the other day is now gone.

  3. You did really good so far! You only had 3 classes? I thought you had more. I like the new pic and sidewalls. Very Christmasy.

  4. I love your church pic & wallpaper (or whatever it is called!!) - reminds me of our Methodist Church in Rye !!

  5. Well good for you Krissy!

    Yay, a winter picture!

  6. good job Krissy!!

  7. You rock girl!!! Love the new picture.

  8. wow...great grades!! Maybe you are smarter than me...

  9. WOW ! Krissy... great job !

    But don't get a huge head and think Alicia's correct when she says you are the smarter one... LOL... Alicia is soooooo funny....