Friday, December 31, 2010

Road Trip

Tomorrow I go! I am going to drive to CO and help my friend Linda pack and move stuff. I am not attached to her "stuff" and she doesn't know it but I'm going to go through her stuff, toss it right out! She has too much stuff that she has been packing and unpacking for a long time. (That's right Linda, I'm going to make you cry!)

I printed off a map on how to get there. I went there about a year ago and I did some back roads but this time I think I will stay on the interstates and make quicker time. That means going through Denver, not that I am fond of that city.

I will bring my lap top but I wont blog as much (But then I have been not doing that much anyway)

Oh, I did buy a cell phone, it's one of those trac phones. It's kind of odd to have one again. I will adjust I'm sure.



  1. Happy new year! Hope you have a safe trip out.

  2. Safe trip Krissy.. Dont make Linda cry too much!!

  3. Boy do I miss you - just isn't the same without your cheerfulness around!!! You left in time - got about 8-10" of snow Sun/Mon and I25 was the s*%&@ driving to Pueblo Monday. Been 12 to -16 degrees, too! Got your laptop off as Priority Mail today so you can get back to blogging.

  4. oh yah - they changed over our tablets at work and we lost all our e-mail addresses so resend me yours!!