Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dogs vs Cats

1. Sure, Abby may have wanted in and out 10 of the house 10 times a day but she went out the door all the way. Cats? They put half their body out and then lift one paw and stay that way checking it out. You can't shut the door, well you can, but then the cat really makes a lot of noise!

2. Cats walk around the house just making noise for the heck of it. It's yak yak yak all the time.

3. Cats are dumb, they think that if they move reallllllllly slow, I wont see them sneaking up on my plate of food! Or, If I do catch them, then try another direction, I wont see them coming that way! (Stupid cats)

4. The clincher? When Abby would sleep on my side of the bed? She warmed up a big spot for me. Cats? Please, that spot is no bigger then a small dinner plate. Get off my side of the bed!

The clear winner is dogs.


  1. You need me to send you a couple birds !!!

  2. I agree. Dogs are the better of the two, but some mornings, like today, I wonder what possessed me to go get another dog from the pound. Why??!!

  3. sounds like you are going to be getting another dog!! but, remember, summer is coming and you might not want that big spot warmed up in bed!! did you put a ceiling fan in your bedroom when Alecia was there??


  4. Are you thinking of a new pup Kris? Or just annoyed as hell with those pesky cats?

  5. Are you looking for a cat-attacking dog?

  6. You need a puppy Krissy....a big puppy.

  7. I think dogs are much more personable, but I have to say i do miss having cats. There something so cozy about their purr.