Thursday, February 3, 2011

Movie Talk

I watched a movie a few days ago and I find myself thinking about it every now and then. The movie I watched was called The Road based on the book with the same title. I wont tell you what movie was about just in case you want to watch it or read the book.

But what I found was that I was sad/depressed by the movie. Not boo-hoo sad, and not that life is not good depressed but just kind of down in the dumps about the movie, and what it said about people in times of extreme hardships (Like ZERO food available).

Then a day after the movie I had a light bulb go off! If I lived in what the movie had as conditions, I would have a green house and run generators to have grow lights and to heat the greenhouse to grow food. When all the fuel runs out, then switch to stationary bikes or wind power to generate power to keep the grow lights and heat going.

I felt much better with that thought. If you watch or read the book, keep that in mind so that when the movie/book ends you have a little tiny bit of hope left in you.

Have you watched the movie or read the book? What did you think?


  1. Good ol' Cormac. I'm not a big fan of his writing style, but his books make great movies. I'm a Viggo fan, and this movie is on my list.

  2. Sounds depressing. Think I'll pass on the book and the movie.

  3. Thanks for that tip as I now have the movie since I requested it from the library system. I will keep that thought in mind.

  4. I haven't seen it or read the book. Sounds depressing though. I usually like those "end of the world" kinds of movies, but not if they leave you with everyone dying. I like the kinds where people adapt and get creative and survive.

  5. I haven't seen this or read the book. However, other movies have stuck with me for a while afterwards. Specifically, I Am Legend stuck with me for a long, long time. I'd wake up at night thinking about it later. Not that it was scary. It was suspenseful. But, it made me think more than anything. Even nearly 2 years later, I sometimes catch myself just thinking about it.

  6. I started the book several times but just couldn't keep motivated to read it.

    Two of my favorite end of the world books are Lucifer's Hammer and One Second After. Both really make you think.