Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Classroom

This is my classroom. The reason that I'm not in class right now is that "blackboard" is down and had been down as of 6:30pm last night. BB is how I connect to my online classes, I am not able to take test and I have five of them, I'm not able to join group discussion and there are five of them, I'm not able to view any power point presentations and there are five of them.

One good thing, there were five things due by today, and I had them all done on Monday. I do not like to wait till the last minute, it pays to be geeky sometimes. Another good thing that I do is that I hand write down what I need to do, so I can get some of my papers done and will just have to wait till I can submit them via BB. And I have a chapter to read for each class so I am doing my reading.

This week has been a struggle for me in school, and it's only Wednesday! I am just not motivated to do school. I'm doing it but I find that I am easily distracted. I will power through and know that spring break will be here soon (And some of my teachers have assigned lots of work during that time) and soon I will be over the half way mark and then SUMMER will be here and I can go play in my dirt and plant green beans and peas and tomatoes and, and, and.............


  1. I recognize that halltree and those pics!! Where did you put everything else?? Did you have your friend look at the table & chairs to see what needs to be done??

  2. it looks like a very cozy classroom. you can tell people you are home-schooled.

  3. Hang in ther Krissy, not too much longer to go till break.

  4. You changed your furniture around Krissy, looks nice and comfortable.

    Hang in there with the classes, next week will be better!

  5. Your classroom looks a lot like Dude's classroom! Ok, well, the walls are a different color, the furniture is different and we have a window behind the couch. But still!

    Are you really liking online school?