Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm bad!

Sorry, for those that really really count on me to blog! ( I think that there might be two or three of you?)

I have to be honest, I am not into blogging right now. School is getting close to being done, I'm working on my speech that I have to do, and then I have all the big things out of the way and only two or is it three more weeks left? Not sure, but there is an end in sight!

In a few weeks I'm going to take a little drive to MO and see my sister and BIL. They are going to be down there as their kid will be graduating, and I can't stand the thought that my sister will be only a 10 hour drive from me, that's why I'm taking a little road trip.

Maybe after school I will be back into blogging.


  1. sorry.. I was testing. It wouldnt let me leave a comment the first time.

    concentrate on School!! I miss your blogs, but school is more important. glad you are going to see your sis and bil... and hopefully you'll be seeing the graduation? Enjoy the road trip.


  2. I always enjoying reading your thoughts.

    Just take a break and maybe inspiration will hit while you're on blog vacation :)

  3. I know first hand how busy you are and next week will be even busier for you. Hey, even a one sentence line works! Hang in there Krissy.

  4. Don't worry, we all get into the not blogging rut. Just let us know every once in a while that you're not dead and everything is ok.

  5. You have fans so don't be dissappointing us!!

  6. I'm a fan so get back to it after the busy season! I'm happy you'll get to visit Patty and the family!!

  7. No worries - you have your priorities in order!