Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come on baby light my fire

I have has this brush pile for a year or so. It kept growing and growing. It was becoming a pain in my you know what! I was having a hard time mowing around it. Well, we talked to the right people (The county fire department ) and got the okay to burn the pile. So we did. It only took about 20 min to burn this pile but then we added bigger logs to it and the pile ended up burning all day long. Now it's just a big ashy gray bare spot in the yard. Something that I can mow right over! I will toss some grass seed in there and get that going............on day soon I'm sure I will get on it.


  1. Hey, where's the hot dogs and marshmallows???

  2. As my MIL would say, "did you have a winnie roast"...yes, she always says winnie instead of weannie. How was weekend?

  3. Did you get your garden going this year??

    we have a burn ban on around here, so no brush fires for us!!