Monday, May 2, 2011

I forgot to tell you all

I have another job! Oh, never fear. I still work at the best job ever at the local library, but with the economy is going, I was able to pick up a part time job at the village office. I'm now also a office clerk? Something like that.

I will do some filing, running to the post office and bank and stuff like that. It's only 10 hours a week but with the price of gas this will help. One really nice thing is that it's in the same building that the library is in. I will only work on Mondays and Thursday and those are the days that I work late at the library so I just leave one job and walk over the the other job. Sweet!

And this is the last week of school! I'm trying to get it all done so that on Wednesday I can take all my books back and sale them back to the book store.


  1. good job Krissy!! that is very smart of you. Sounds like it won't be toooo stressful!


  2. Glad you are able to pick up more hours. It will go easier when school is done, I'm sure.

  3. Good for you! And for a village smart enough to snag you!!!!!!

    When are you leaving for MO?

  4. Wow, now you have two bosses! Please don't forget your first boss and how understanding and compassionate she really is!!!

  5. You'll have to make double the desserts to take to work!!