Thursday, June 2, 2011


Went camping over the Memorial Day weekend. T.J. and I went way up North to a place called Bayfield and took the ferry over to Madeline Island.

Picture leaving the docks

A view of Bayfield, WI.

A view of Maggie

T.J. was in 7th haven as we were able to (I use that word we very loosely) cut up our own fire wood. He made sure that we had lots of fire wood. Not that it helped as we had a monster of a storm came over us that night and the next morning and it was rained out. I was a little bit worried as the lighting was right over us and it sounded really loud. Louder then normal.
Loud enough that you could feel the sound, besides hearing it.

I'm learning that in WI you have to have brats when you have a campfire. It's a law. Good thing that I like them. That's what is the cook pot over the fire. I do have to say, they are might tasty.

I can see that if I ever moved from where I'm at right now, I would go back to Alaska or up to Northern WI. It was beautiful up there. Not sure if I would want to live on an island but live up North? You bet!


  1. Sounds like a good time.. except for the lightening. I love the old houses in the picture. did Maggie have fun too?

  2. I like it up North too. The shores of Lake Superior are my absolute favorite and someday I would like to live in a spot by the big lake.

  3. Bike man and I use to drive north a lot since we owned a house near Ashland. Lake Superior has wonderful beaches....and driftwood. Glad you had a wonderful time.