Wednesday, July 6, 2011

They made it!

We ordered 30 little baby chicks and they came in the mail yesterday mid morning. We got 30, marked the box that asked if we wanted a free "exotic chick" and when TJ opened the box, we had 32 chicks. I guess chick # 32 in like a bakers dozen just in case one goes kaput in shipping?

They sure are cute. I have named them all fried chicken or grilled chicken. Doesn't really matter as they all look alike other then the "exotic" one. We have had them for over 24 hours are all are still alive and kicking.

This little clip shows how cute they are. That noise you hear in the background is the rain that suddenly just poured down on use for about 10 minutes. But notice that you can still hear little peep peeps?


  1. I spy the exotic one. Are you going to add that one to your chicken coop and assign the rest to the kitchen? Or all they all getting eaten?

  2. Ugly little buggers aren't they?! xoxo love you krissy

  3. Yep, baby chicks sure are cute.

  4. Peeps! I love peeps! You'll have to take pics of your exotic surprise as it grows up so we can all see what it turns out to be!