Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Butter

I had apple butter one time many many years ago in Alaska (Store bought) and I thought that it was disgusting! Who would eat that crap?!

Well, T.J.'s brother gave us a few bags of apples so I have been making Apple Sauce and then I still had lots of apples so I made Apple Butter. Guess what? I love Apple Butter! It's so good! I am making my second batch right now. When all done I will have made 14 pints of the stuff.

We like it in out oatmeal for breakfast and also a few spoonfuls in our yogurt. It's yummy. When I go up to Alaska, I might just have to bring a jar. I also might need to get more apples and make more!


  1. I, too, thought apple butter was crap. I'm ok if I never have any again.

  2. Maybe you should bring a jar for Timmy - he loves all that home canning stuff.

  3. a jar?? better bring more than that!! I remember my mom used to make it. I think you had my pumpkin butter before...i havent made that in years.. maybe I should try some again.

    keep me posted on your plans!!


  4. HI Krissy, nice to catch up on all your news, been a bit slack blogging too. Just to many other things happening. Love the peaches, and all the other goodies you been up to. see ya soon
    Rina ... Our Slice of Heaven

  5. Apple butter sounds great, but make sure you can carry-on apple butter in a jar on your flight home. Security is still tight. My niece couldn't fly back to Houston with Wisconsin cheese spread! What???

  6. I never have cared for it either.. Maybe I should try your recipe..