Monday, October 3, 2011

Road Trip!

I was able to go with T.J. on a haul last Sunday (Yes, I skipped church!) He was hauling potatoes for about three weeks. We left the house at 6.30am, had to get fuel for the truck (Ouch! Glad that it's paid for by the truck owner!) Then we drove to the fields. I think that we were number 18? So we got in a long line of other trucks and then T.J. went out and asked what number the drivers ahead of us were. We (T.J.) moved the truck up the line, and then about 45 min later or so it was out turn to get loaded.

Here the potatoes are getting picked over and big clods of dirt are being tossed aside.

We drove to Plover WI and went to the potato plant. They are big (Big!) buildings that store the potatoes. This plant is where Arby's and some brand of frozen potatoes are made at.

This pic T.J. took of the inside of the truck he was driving. We hauled about 63,000lbs per load. There were on the average 45 truck loads a day during the three weeks. Some days T.J. would do two trips, some days only one. This was just for Red Ceder Potato Company. There are lots and lots of potato fields out there.


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