Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not much

I have been bad (again!) by not updating the blog. Not much has been going on. I am talking to my two sisters up in AK about when TJ and I get up there. We are planing a dinner while I'm there. Looks like all the sisters (There are five of us) will be under one roof. That will make our mom so happy! We will take lots of pictures for her.

TJ built a carport so now he can park his truck under it, and he moved all the wood and stuff that has been stored in the shop/garage out to the carport so now I can part in the garage. It's a shop when TJ is in there working and my truck is outside. Then, by magic, it becomes a garage when I park my truck. Just in time. We have about two inches of snow so far today and it's still snowing. But, bad news, my truck is still outside! Why is that?


  1. So why is your truck still outside Krissy???

    I bet your getting excited about going home to Alaska. Can't beat sisterly love!

  2. I was just wondering? Do you still make soap now that the goats are gone? Are you going to get more goats?

  3. I think more is going on in your life, you are just not sharing it with us....Maggie pics? chickens? You used to make us laugh with silly haikus.

  4. Ya Patty she is holding out on us!

  5. Krissy!! thats great!! It will be much better to have your truck inside on snowy days/nights!!

    cant wait to see you !!


  6. Krissy-I am at TOM'S and we were wondering if you have a recipe for salmon dip. Grandma had one that Tom liked and would like it if you would e-mail Thank you .Darlene