Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I know! I know!  The campground place that we are at has WiFi, but it's down as there are new owners and blah blah...... So it's been hard to get online. (I'm online at work with the library WiFi)

I am really enjoying the RV camping lifestyle. It's fun.  Here's a picture of the deck that TJ built for me (Okay, us)
Are next project is to build a walk way with pavers so that we don't track in so much dirt.

This campground was PACKED over the Memorial Day Weekend! I would guess that there were over three thousand people. (Not RV's, and campsites, people,people) We were told that over the 4th of July weekend that it will be more like six thousand.
There are over 400 campsites and when you add in all the kids, friends and family it adds up fast.

TJ and I take walks in the evening and we like to see how all the others make their place special for them, and boy oh boy are some places really special!


  1. wow.. nice!! so, no blue tarps?? what the heck?? looks like you'll be there a while. What happened with selling your house??


  2. That TJ, he's so handy with woodwork! Nice steps in front of the RV....wow, you're a true RVer now!!!!!

  3. Ditto on Rose on house. What did ya do with the chickens, cats and all your stuff? Love the
    deck - that guy is so talented - if he gets bored, I have a lot of "honey-do's" and 40 acres you can camp on!!!

  4. Wow, that looks really nice! I like the steps too - TJ is a keeper. It sounds like fun taking walks around the campground in the evening.

  5. Glad you are settling in. The cats are doing good. Finally venturing out of the bathroom during the day. They roam and meow at night.
    Harvey loves cal and Wilbur is actually very friendly too. And best of all:???? they use that cat box!!!!!!!! xoxo love you, stop in sometime

  6. LOVE the deck and steps! Does TJ have an older brother? Or a single uncle or dad?