Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm 45, but when I'm with my dad I'm back to being a kid. In a good way. I like it. It's like I don't have to worry about a thing. My dad's here and he will take care of it. He also buys the stuff. When he found out that I did not have ice cream in the house we had to stop and get some. Then I was quizzed on what kind of milk I have in the house, did I have pecans? Maple syrup? I told him 2% and yes and yes. The maple syrup is when the volunteer at the library ( She's also a friend ) gave my a pint of maple syrup. From her own trees. So that made him happy.

Dad said that he would be happy with a big mac for dinner. I nixed that right away. Don't get me wrong, I like a big mac every once in a while but not tonight. I had chicken marinating in some honey/mustard and I had salad makings. We got home and I got the chicken in the oven and then dad and I took Abby to the doggie hotel.

After dinner dad and I have just been sitting around and dad has been telling me stories about his side of the family. My dad was a city kid and his cousins were country kids. Dad would go to farm in the summer and work and his cousins would do things to try and shock them. Like walk barefoot in fresh warm cow patties or one cousin would put her big toe in her pudding and then eat it.

It is nice to hear stories about family. Even if I don't know them, it gives me a look into my dad when he was a little boy.


  1. I love sitting around and listening to stories of the past too. Mom was telling me about her grandparents today - how her grandpa had a bar/saloon dance hall kind of place and a band. Her grandma used to dance at the place...I'm guessing this was in the 30's or thereabouts. They've all led such interesting lives - it makes me want to find out more about them. I'm glad D. is there with you. Have a wonderful time visiting relatives!

  2. Sorry about your grandmother passing. That's good you'll be able to go the funeral with your Dad. Telling and listening to stories of family is a great way to spend the day.

    Hope Abby does ok at doggie hotel.

  3. I love hearing the old stories. I did not appreciate them when I was younger but now that I am getting older I wish I had a written or tape record of my folks and grandparents telling them. If you can - take advantage of these times and either tape you family trelling the sories or get them written down. Personally, I love the cow pattie story, some how when you call them cow patties it doesn't sound as bad as walkinf theu cow poop!

    Be blessed during this time with your daddy.