Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm sure you're asking right now " What in the heck is a P.P.P?" Well, I will tell you. This is a picture of one. It's a Poor Pitiful Papa. I turn off the heat during the summer cause, hey, I'm here is Wisconsin, not Alaska and we don't need no stinking heat during the summer. Well this morning when Dad got up he was cold. It might be because the outside temp was only 42! 42 on July 29? That's just not right. And being that I respect my elders, I turned on the heat and got the house up to 68. Just cause I do love my Dad. That has nothing to do with that he replaced my bad water heater, fixed the garage door, changed the water filter on the pressure tank and also worked on my bike. I would love him anyway. That does not mean that I did not sing to him when he left. He got the " Thank God and Greyhound you're gone" song. Sung with love. I miss him already. But I do not miss the tooth picks all over the house.

My Uncle Chuck might come over from MN to check out my new place........Hummm...... I wonder what projects I can find for him?


  1. I had 51 degrees this morning. I guess 42 is cool...and I don't blame your dad for being COLD. I love this weather (sorry Kellie). I'm sleeping really well.

  2. It's been mid-50's here at night. Why are you guys so cold? It heats up during the day though don't it? I wonder if your poor goaties were cold in the garage with no heat?

  3. I agree with your Dad. It's been too cold in the am.
    Love his parka!!

  4. I'm always thankful when family comes and I have to admit, I am thankful when life returns to normal after they leave. But I am enjoying having K's sister and family here right now.