Saturday, July 25, 2009

Went to a garden party.

This is some kind of squash that I'm trying out. I can't remember the name of it but I have about 10 of these little guys. I know it's not a hard squash like acorn or butter nut.
The tomato plants are doing nicely. I think that I will eat a lot of BLT's and have nice thick slices of vine ripe tomatoes on my sandwiches and some for salads and then be down with them. Not like last year when I had all the cherry,pear and grape tomatoes coming out my ear and rear. ( That what happens when you eat a lot of tomatoes. I mean a lot! Just sharing. Sorry Mom and Dad. I know that that's a TMI. )

I have lots of blossoms on my zucchini plants. What will I do with them all? I know tonight I'm doing some on the grill for dinner. I also know 2 casserole dishes that I can use them up in. I still have 3 pints of zucchini relish so I'm not going to make more of that.

Something is eating the tops of my green beans. I know it's not goats. I think that the something might go hippty hop and is all big ears and fluffy, you know, like a bunny.


  1. What do you make with all the zucchini? Zucchini bread! Yum!

    Nice garden!

  2. zucchini bread sounds good. You could even freeze that and then thaw out for later if you have too much. Same with casseroles. You could make TV dinners! I used to make those so sweetie would have something to heat up when I'd be gone.

  3. I enjoyed sauted zucchini and summer squash in olive oil with garlic and onions tonight. Added some diced orange pepper and a little hot spice seasoning. Topped it off with some freshly grated parmesan....I was in heaven!

  4. Deer usually eat from the top like that.

  5. CVPH- Huh, deer? I do see them alllll the time. That may be why Abby barks like crazy at night.

  6. Your veggies are looking good Krissy, cept the poor beans!

    If you grate 2 cups zuccini, stick it in freezer bag, then you can make loaves later....most recipes I see have 2 cups zuccini in them. could offload those big ones that get away over to your goats - they would probably luv them!


  7. Your garden looks good.

    I am up to my ears in Zucchini!
    We have problems with bunnies eating stuff too, also the deer like to eat the tender tops of things.