Friday, July 24, 2009

Oops they did it again!

After dinner tonight my dad went outside and hollered at me " Goats are out!" I went out and sure enough, my goats had gotten the gate open and were over in the trees eating oak leaves.

Abby was outside so I put her in a down stay and got JuJu and got her into the pen just fine. I went back and got Maggie and while I was walking her back Abby got out of her down stay and went back to the house. That was Abby's first down stay in about 5 years or so. I think she did real good. Got both goats ( My dad is so so bugging me right now, It's, watch this, it's magic! He's bending a spoon as I type. Wow, that's some magic!) back inside without a problem.

I have a little do-hickey hook thing a-ma jig and I now have the chain hooked to the fence. I think that that will stop the goats.

I googled Oak leaves and they are fine for goats to eat. I think that they have eaten all the choice stuff in the pen and they are looking for better stuff.
So Kellie?, you're 100% vindicated.
And I have to get off the computer. My Dad is pestering me like you would not believe!


  1. I knew I locked that gate. You apparently have Houdini goats!

  2. Animals can really be smart. You have intelligent goats Krissy...and maybe a little nauty too.

  3. Was D. doing the famous bend the spoon behind the hand where it's not really bending at all, just sliding across table? Or was he really bending your silverware? He's too funny.

  4. He was really bending my cheep spoons. But I got him back. I ate the heart out of the watermelon and he does not know that yet.