Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smelly shop talk.

When we got home today from buying a new hot water heater the UPS man was ahead of us going up the driveway. ( p.s. Dad ran into a problem and we have no hot water till we get another part. But, we do have cold well water. )

I don't know if you can read the bottles or not. This is my take on them from left to right.
Toss out some name ideals as I need help.
1. Aphrodisiac- Spicy with a hint of lemon. A warm scent. ( I like )
2. Energy- Pine sol with a hint of cat pee.
3. Sports- Menthol, Ben Gay. ( OK, very sharp, a morning soap to wake you up?)
4. Lemongrass- Lemongrass. ( I like )
5. Relaxation- Hard to say. It is not a bad smell but it makes me feel queasy! Why? I don't know
but each time I take a whiff I feel sick.
6. Sensuality- Lime and pine. Kind of woody with a floral note?
7. Anise Star- Black licorice. I see this scent down here in WI. I have seen it called Fisherman's Soap and Hunter soap. Some people say that it mask the human scent.

I am trying to get 10 scents that I will make all the time and then every once in a while I will toss in a new smell and see how it does.

So far, I will make the following.
1. Plain unscented soap
2. Lavender
3. Bay
4. White Spruce
5. Patchouli. ( As time went by it mellowed out and I now like it )
I'm going to make a goat milk/honey soap. Maybe call that one "Bible soap" you know, The land of milk and honey. Get it?

Also I feel the need to experiment. I'm going to replace the palm oil with vegetable oil ( Crisco )
I want to see if that makes a whiter soap and maybe a harder bar. Just playing around with it.


  1. I've got to think on that for a bit. Names don't just pop out of my mouth. I would ditch the pine-sol/cat pee scent. It doesn't sound like something most people would choose to bathe in. Just a suggestion.

  2. Ditto on the PA comment to ditch the pine-sol/cat pee smell..yuck.

    I think the Lemongrass soap sounds nice.

    I'm glad you will have hot water again. Hope dad is enjoying his Wisconsin visit. Sorry dad about talgaiting you yesterday. I thought it was just an old couple out for a sunday drive...oops.

  3. When you are brewing up your batches, can you divide it before adding the "flavor" so if you don't like the final result you won't have made so much?? Am curious how the pine-sol/cat pee
    actually smells when in soap.
    Lemon Grass sounds wonderful!!

  4. OK - So I had to go on New Directions website... Man, would be hard deciding on which oils to get!!! What is Bergamot??? The immune boost sounds interesting!!
    Have you done anything with Eucalyptus??

  5. I'd try the pine sol/cat pee one just for kicks. maybe it'll be a surprise hit and if not.... Send it to your family/friends for xmas!

  6. Not too much for the "energy" scent. But I bet my cats would like it. ewwww. I agree Lemongrass sounds nice. I'm interested in relaxation. I looked at your pic and it doesn't list the scents on the bottle.

    Colorado, Bergamot is a citrus blend. If you've had the tea Constant Comment that is bergamont.

    Can't wait until you're ready to start selling your soap. I'll be one of the first to make an order.

  7. I saw some soap made with honey at the store the other day. I smelled like honey too, I wanted to buy some, but didn't. I think goats milk and honey would be a good combination. Other oils you might consider tring are almond oil with sweet almond essential oil. That is really my favorite combination.

  8. Crochet... Ohhh I like the Almond Oil idea - love that smell/taste. In fact when I make rhubarb sauce, I use almond extract instead of vanilla - yum yum.
    Beth... Thanx for info on Bergmont
    Krissy - had to shoot over a blackbears head Sunday a.m. - was being just too comfortable out by horse pens!! Been lots of mountain lions spotted in Colo. City and other areas - luckily we havent seen any (yet). Think if saw one people would think I took a bath in your "pine-sol/cat pee" scent from having the .... scared outta me!!