Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oy Vey, what a day.

My dad is a die hard Ford man, me, I don't care what I drive, but my last 3 trucks have been Dodge's. My dad thought that his batteries were going bad as they did sit for 4 months or so down in AZ during the summer when the temps got up to 120 and they were also old. Today he went and bought more batteries and when I got home from work we spent a wonderful hour at K-mart doing the exchange ( K-mart is also Sears )

After that we went to Menard's to look at water heaters as mine had a leak. We kicked a few water heaters and left. Got into the Ford truck and it was not the batteries. It was the starter. So there we are in the parking lot with no way to go. I started calling the 3 people I know in WI to see if somebody could come and pick us up and take us back to my house as we would tow the Ford with the Dodge back home.

While I was making phone calls a very nice man stopped and had a bunch of tools. My dad used them and dropped the starter and while he was doing that the nice man called up Napa as the bad starter had a life time warranty on it and Napa brought a new one out to the parking lot. Dad got the new starter in. I called up and canceled the request for help and we were on the road again.

It just goes to show you that there are still really good people out there that will help without expecting to get anything in return (My dad tried ) and you should have a dodge.


  1. I'm glad that nice man stopped to help you. Isn't that cool that he had all the tools you needed? You and your dad deserve a big bowl of ice cream tonight.

  2. Aw Gosh that's funny stuff. I'm a Dodge guy, and have had them since '95. My buddy is a big Ford diesel fan, and he alway enjoyed bustin my chops for having a Dodge....Until that one day when his took a dump on him and he called me (sheepishly) to ask for a haul. I had pics of my Dodge pulling a trailer with a big ol' Fix Or Repair Daily on it, but my last computer blew up. Bummer.

  3. So how many long distance calls did you make with his cell phone while he was in K-Mart? Did you rack up lots of minutes? Did you tell him or are you going to let him be surprised when he gets his bill? I had a good laugh at work when I listened to your message.

  4. I'm sorry you were stranded, I called your dad's cell phone right away when I got home, but it didn't ring, it said something about the number being unavailable. I left a call back number and did the paging option. I was hoping everything was ok with you, i was a bit worried.

    I'm glad someone stopped to help you and it worked out ok.

  5. Wow, what luck! Glad the truck is working again. There are lots of good people, thankfully. My mom used to drive an old Dodge pickup that was fantastic. It was a '79 or so, and last we heard it was still running. :)