Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another tie.

This is a bad picture of my tiny little egg plant. I hope that because I'm growing it I will like it. I don't really care for egg plant. This is the whole " if you grow it you will be more open to liking it" thing. Kind of like how you have kids help cook diner and they will more likely eat some green stuff on the plate. Yep, I'm trying to trick myself........Shhhhhh don't tell me ok?

Tonight I made 4 pints of pickles beets. I forgot that I had them boiling on the stove and I was wondering what the dirt smell was coming from. I even thought that my neighbors must be cooking something odd on the grill. Turns out it's me! I had a big mess to clean up. They had plenty of water left, just boiled over.

I went into the big town of Eau Claire and canceled 2 of my accounts with Wells Fargo. I set the trip counter on my truck. It's 34.3 miles one way to go to the bank. That's 68.6 miles round trip to deposit a pay check. I opened up an account with a local bank that I can go to before/during or after work. Much closer. It's just that I had that account with Wells Fargo way way back when it was still National Bank of Alaska. It's just one more link with Alaska that I have cut. (Sniff sniff)

To feel better, I went to a restaurant that a patron from the Library recommended. She had received a book about speaking Tagalog and we got to talking about Asian food and the lack of a good Thai place. This place was good. A mix of Thai and Chinese. It was the lunch buffet but even that was good. I looked at the menu and they had some dishes that I like. I will be going back and ordering off the menu. The buffet was not spicy enough for me.

When I got home I finished "The last Child" It was a good book. It was not a life changing book but it was a good plot, interesting characters. The writer told a good story. Sometimes that's all I need from a book. Just be a interesting story. On to the next book.


  1. Your Thai & Chinese place sounded tasty.

    Wow, I can't believe you were driving all the way to EC to do your banking when we have two banks in Colfax that are maybe 1/2 miles from your workplace. Actually, you have a small bank several miles from where you live. Glad you are cutting the ties with AK, it's for the good.

  2. aaack! cutting ties with AK is hard. I would have a hard time too. yuck eggplant. Although I'm not sure I've ever tried it.

  3. I'll try your eggplant. I've heard its kinda like tofu, in that it takes on the flavors of other food.

  4. Maybe some day the library will get direct deposit??? think of the benefits!
    I know you won't cut ALL ties with AK.
    see you soon!

  5. I like eggplant, I usually plant them in the garden, but not this year.

  6. I'm like you, I don't usually care for eggplant. But, I love Baba Ganoush. It's a wonderful dip, lots of garlic, olive oil, tahini and lemon. Give it a try.