Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goofy goats.

If you need a daily laugh then get a goat!

I have been taking JuJu and Maggie out of their big pen and letting them eat the browse that I have all over. I no longer have them on the leash as they will follow me around. Case in point today.

I led them over to a place that has lots of scrubby oak trees, sumac and some kind of bramble. The bugs were getting thick for me so I picked up my chair and moved about 30 feet away from the brush. ( And the goats ) This way I could be in the sun and get a little bit of a breeze.

JuJu looked up and let out a frantic mmmmaaaaa and that caused Maggie to mmmaaa just as bad. Their heads swiveled all around which caused their long ears to flap all around all the while letting out louder and louder calls for me. I stood up and mmaaa back to then and they came running to me. All the while frantically calling out. Now, JuJu is a very plump goat and her belly was swaying in time with her ears and she was not a picture of grace. They got to me and JuJu was out of breath, sides heaving in and out. Both goats leaned on me and made soft little maa mma sounds.
All this caused Abby to see what was going on. She came over and was just standing there looking at the dumb goats ( That's what she calls them, not me ) and as I walked the goats back to their pen, JuJu calmly walked over to Abby and butted her and knocked her over. ( Maybe JuJu heard what Abby called them? ) I will have to keep on eye on JuJu and Abby. I saw, later on, Abby giving JuJu a wide berth.

I finished " A girl made of dust" It was a good book. I have yet to get back to "The Cleaner" and I have now started reading "Severance Package" by Duane Swierczynski. Good book. Fast paced. My boss had a sticky note on it. The note said " WHAT !!!!" That might be because this was on the cover, "Ever want to kill your boss? Well guess what,the feeling is mutual" I read another book by him called " The Blonde" I really liked that book. I talked about it a few months ago.
Well, TTFN. I'm going to go read in bed for a litle bit.


  1. What a funny story about the girls. Now when are you getting the chickens?

  2. That makes me laugh. I bet Abby was surprised! Say what? I bet she doesn't ever bother the goats. I remember when our dachshunds got thumped by a rabbit and they were scared of the rabbits ever since.

  3. awww...that's so funny about Abby getting knocked over. Next time she'll have to whisper when she bad mouths the girls!

  4. Poor Abby. She probably thinks those mean goats are taking the place over.

    Have you read Blind Sight yet?

  5. You crack me up (as you always have!!)- love reading your posts.
    COME SEE US!!!!

  6. Goats are awesome. Poor Abby, though. :)