Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun Day.

I had a good day at my friend Kellie's house. She has a big garden and has green beans coming out her ears. I went over and I cleaned over 600 beans. How do you know this you ask? Well, somebody ( not me ) counted the beans as she put them in the 5 gallon bucket. ( Can you say OCD? )

While I cleaned the beans, Kellie cut up the garlic, jalapenos, washed the jars and got it all ready to go. She had gotten a recipe for Spicy Dilled Green Beans so that's what we made. We made 11 pints and 1 quart. While we were working together I remarked that I can almost understand the Mormons that have "Sister Wives" ( I'm not Mormon nor do I mean this to be offencive to Mormons ) It was just a fun and satisfying way to spend an afternoon with a close friend.

Our hands were busy and we talked and laughed. She also reminded me that our friend Rose, that's coming down next Saturday is a coffee drinker. Kellie had a extra coffee maker and I took it home so that Rose can have her morning coffee. Kellie also gave me the rest of the beans that I cleaned and some peppers and English cucumbers. So I will make my own Spicy Dilled Green Beans.

This is a picture of me a long long time ago with my mom. I used to make cakes (cooked) in a wide mouth pint and sell them at craft shows and such. The year I did this I made 22 cases for one big craft fair that was set up for Christmas shoppers. This is just some of them. We are decorating the tops with Christmas fabric and I put a ribbon and a little ornament on each jar.

I must just love to can, make jams and pickles. I'm looking forward to next year and try my hand at making goat cheese. Oh, and don't forget, I also like making soap. Maybe I should have been born 100 years ago?


  1. Krissy !

    The soap arrived today ! Thanks. Paul took the one marked "boy" and said "Krissy sent me goat soap?????" I told him that you had, indeed, sent him goat soap. He's got it in his bathroom already for his shower tonight. I'll let you know what happens after we've cleaned up for the evening. I'm sure Paul will have something to say...


  2. I love the idea of getting back to the basics. I think the way things are nowadays is convincing a lot of people that the basic way is the way to go. To be more self-sufficient and less reliant on others is satisfying. The down side is it requires a lot of work and energy that I don't always appreciate and have, along with motivation, which I tend to lack. I happy for you that you enjoy doing this as much as you do.

  3. Sounds like you and Kellie had fun canning green beans...spicy dilled green beans that is. I think I might need that recipe to help satisfy my hot taste buds!

    I surely remember your canned cake that you gave me last December, oh that was so tasty.

  4. I still think the "boy" soap needs to be called Billy Goat Gruff. I got my soaps yesterday too. I can see what you meant about the citrus scent - I could barely smell it, however wonder if it might perk up with water? The rest of the scents are strong and good. I'm not crazy about patchouli or bergmot...I really like lavender, plain, grapefruit and white spruce.

  5. I look for every excuse not to can, in fact this year I'm going to try freezing tomatoes. A couple things I don't like about canning is that it makes me really hot and I have to do it by myself. It is more fun if you have someone to help. That is great that you and kellie had a good time putting up beans, those sound very yummy.

  6. Sure I count the stairs, but they are steep and in the dark it's good to know how many there are left to go so I don't fall (which I have before and got rug burn on my butt). So now I just count them all the time. I don't think that qualifies as me being OCD.. Really. really?