Sunday, August 16, 2009

This and That.

At Church today, the lady that I got the girls from, let me know that she had 5 gallons of goat milk for me. I went to her place after church and picked up the milk and I got 11 batches of milk to make soap with. ( 3lbs per batch so that is 33lbs of frozen milk. )

After I did milk, I started the Spicy Dilled Green Beans. I made 11 pints of beans and also 2 pints of pickled beats. That yellow jar are the Golden Beats. I tasted one. They are very mild and sweet. I hope the taste OK pickled.
I have a P.S.A. to make ( Public Service Announcement ) I guess that my hand writing has not improved in any way, shape or form. I have had some blogger friends remark about the "boy" soap. Sorry...........That's really "BAY" not BOY. This is why my sister Patty up in AK is taking care of labels and stuff.

The Church that I go to is back to doing Sunday potlucks. We found out that Churches can have as many potlucks as they want. That 3 a year does not effect us. So today I made the zucchini casserole as I had lots of it to use up again. I made a mistake when I made it. It calls for 8oz cheese (American cheese but I use Velveeta ) I grabbed the 1lbs box and cut in in half to get 8oz and when I had it all mixed I realized that it was a 2lbs box so I put in 1lbs of Velveeta. It was all gone after the potluck. I overheard someone say that it was the best creamy casserole that they ever had!


  1. More cheese always makes things taste better!!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it said boy soap.:) My handwriting isn't too great. I'm the only woman at the bakery and all the men have much better handwriting. I'm not allowed to write the daily specials on the blackboard.

  2. I'm not sure about your comment on church potlucks? Are you guys having too many? Or is there a U.S. law that says you can have so many a month? Is this a stupid question? Yes. Our pastor has decided that we are going to have one a month. I'm really glad since I love potlucks. Even though I'm the one in charge of the kitchen and it'll give me more work. But it's just the fellowship of it all. Its wonderful.

  3. Only 2 pints of beats?
    I thought you were going to make like 2 cases of beats.
    Your beans look yummy!

    I noticed that today blogger has not updated again. What's up with that? Folks with think you don't have any new posts out.

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHH .... I don't know if I'll tell Paul... he's so impressed you sent him his own bar of goat MILK soap that I don't want to mess with him.... You know how that "boy" is... ;o)

  5. Krissy and Kellie! thanks for thinking about me and coffee.. I can do without for a few days. See you guys sooooon!!

  6. LOL Sometimes our biggest mistakes make the best dishes.

  7. Extra cheese is always good.

    That is funny about the "boy" soap. I'm laughing cause I am told my handwriting is hard to read.

  8. You're in Wisconsin - extra cheese is normal. ;)

    I owe you an email with more info on the soap - we've almost already used up the patchouli already. Next up will be the unscented.