Monday, August 17, 2009

Shop talk plus.

I made another batch of soap today. This one is scented with lemongrass. I am hoping that the lemon scent will stay in the soap unlike the citrus blend soap that I made. It was ( too me ) another hot humid day. Yep, I was only wearing the apron that my friend Kellie gave me so that I would not get lye on my tummy.

I was waiting for the oils to cool down to 80 so that I could add the lye/milk mixture when BAM BAM BAM... pause.... BAM BAM BAM on the front door! What to do? What to do? I grabbed the blanket that I use to wrap the soap in and went upstairs. It was the mail man. He had a big box for me! He then chatted with me for about 5 minutes while I'm wrapped in a blanket ( Get a clue dude! )

The box was from my friend Rose up in AK ( Who will be here on Saturday! EEEEEEEE! ) She sent me 5 jars of salmon. 4 smoked and 1 plain. I ate 1/2 of the smoked jar already. I will mix the rest with some cream cheese and have that for lunch tomorrow with crackers. I will feel very spoiled at work while I'm eating it.

I am the queen of my castle! Do I have to start wearing clothes in my own house on a hot humid day?


  1. Wear what you want! That salmon sounds yummy!

  2. Aunt Krissy, you will always be the Queen of your house!!!!

    So you already know what you will be eating tomorrow for lunch? Geez, I don't even have my breakfast planned out let alone what I will take for lunch. Hey, lets do lunch together tomorrow...hint, hint!!!!

  3. Krissy, you can "not" wear anything you want!

  4. perhaps the mailman has a thing for you? I suggest you wear appropriate clothing ocassionally. You could have the minister and his wife stop by. Or biking friends. Or Farmer Bob. Who knows? Maybe you should get a housecoat that you could do a quick wrap with.

  5. The housecoat sounds like a good idea for those emergency moments.

  6. Krissy! I'm glad you finally got that package and are enjoying it. You should have your ferocious watch dog alert you to visitors BEFORE they get to the door!