Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I need to get busy!

As most of you know, Rose, a good friend of Kellie and I will be here on Saturday! ( Yippee Skippy ) But that means I need to mow that yard which will take 2 and 1/2 hours to do. I also need to make a run to the dump. Clean the goat pen. Put up some shelves in the basement so I can move my 3 batches of soap on the kitchen table to the basement. Dust, mop and vacuum so that I get most of all of Abby hairs up. Scrub the bathroom. Go grocery shopping so that we have more to eat then condiments. Plan some meals out. Weed the garden. Rose has a nice garden up in AK. I got to keep up with her.

Oh and I need to read a book called " A girl named Zippy " by Haven Kimmel. I read the book many years ago but I need to reread it by 5pm Thursday. That's when my book club meets and this is the book we are all reading. ( I choose it for the group.)

And make sure I get some nap time in there somewhere!


  1. I have soap!!!!!!!

    I can hardly wait to go take a bath!!!

    Thank you Krissy - I will keep you posted...

  2. Plenty of time, if you no longer need sleep and have the rest of the week off. Good luck. I find that I do better under pressure. I'm sure you'll get the important things done. Have fun w/your friend.

  3. What???? Nap time, come on Aunt Krissy! Rose is coming, no time to nap girl! I'm so exited for you and Kellie.

  4. Wow, good luck with all that! I wouldn't fuss too much, I'm sure she'll just be glad to see you.
    Hope you'll bring Rose by the library when I'm there.

  5. Krissy!
    sTOP! Don't worry about doing all that for me.... as long as I have somewhere to sleep and maybe take a shower once in a while, I'm good! you know that. Besides, I know how to mow a lawn and I could probably help clean the goat pen and I have dogs, so am used to hair.
    see you soon.

  6. I just love friends like Rose - no need to worry to get ready for them. I hope you plan to wear clothing while she's there. She may not be as understanding as the mailman.

  7. Honestly, I think you're more concerned about all of the little things that your friend Rose would ever be. Remember to take time for yourself.