Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Confession.

At my old job in Alaska, when I worked for an airline I had worked in many departments. For awhile I was a ticket agent.

One of the types of aircraft that we had was a Cessna Conquest. It sat 8 passengers if you had a copilot or 9 without a copilot. So it was a tight fit if the flight was full. Also we had some flights that lasted for 3 hours.

One of the job of a ticket agent was that before the flight was boarded I would look at all the passengers and take their hand carry away if I didn't think that it would fit. ( This aircraft had no over head bins)

Well on this one day the flight that was going to an island called Saint Paul ( 3 hour flight ) was full. There was a passenger that had a box that was about 1 and 1/2 by 1 1/2 feet. I went to him and advised him that there was no overhead bin and that I needed to take the box from him. He said that he had fish in the box. I said " Not a problem" Besides being a small plane, the nose of the aircraft was also a luggage compartment that was not pressurised nor heated. And at cruising altitude it could get to -50 in the nose. Knowing that the box had fish in it, I gave it to a ramper and said "Put this in the nose as its fish and that way it will frozen."

Well, imagine the passengers surprise when he got off the airplane in Saint Paul and when he went to look at his fish he had bags of frozen guppies, angle fish and sword tails! I had just assumed that his fish was some kind of salmon or halibut. Well, I assumed wrong. We had a good laugh and we went and bought him new fish and made sure that the box was marked "LIVE FISH DO NOT FREEZE! "


  1. ha ha ha. Did he get mad that his fish was frozen after he told you it was fish? I suppose there aren't that many aquariums in the bush.

  2. Oh how funny! I'm sure the guy was a little ticked, but that was nice that you went out and bought him new fish. Very smart

  3. Oh, I knew where that story was going when he said "I have fish". Too funny. Hopefully he wasn't too upset.

  4. Weird things like that did happen occasionally, didn't they..

  5. Don't remember this one. Butdo remember the Harliquin romance books that were stuffed in nose of plane and got dumped in Dutch.