Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country life.

Poor Rose! She is not sleeping that well out here in the country! It's too loud she says. It got so loud last night that she had to put in ear plugs. Even I could here the frogs but they just blend into the back ground. For her it was the frogs and crickets and all the other bugs that make a high whriiiiing sound. Then when that settled down we had a real good thunder and lighting storm this morning. She was not able to sleep with all that racket going on. And yep, she took a 15 minute cat nap today.

Tomorrow I take her way up north to hook up with her husband and in laws. We think that it will be about a 6 hour drive. And if you know anything about me then you know I love a good road trip! I will stay over night there and drive back down by myself on Thursday.

It has been a blast having her here with me. In fact I was telling some friends that I need a husband so I can be a wife or I just need to get a wife! Rose has mowed the rest of my yard and she does the dishes. Can you ask for a better house guest? I think not!

I sure am going to miss her when she's gone. Not because she does the dishes but just cause she is such a good friend.


  1. It's those Cicadas whirring around the trees that gets so noisy. I bet you and Kellie and Rose had a wonderful time. Enjoy your road trip!

  2. You need to get a husband, not that it's any of my business, but they are nice to have around. lol!

    I live in the country needless to say, but one doesn't realize how much noise the electricity in the house makes. A few years ago I went sleeping at a cottage with no hydro at all and the silence was actually deafening! Until the bullfrogs started singing and then I wanted the silence again!

  3. Guess am just used to the night sounds (except when coyotes let loose REAL close to the house in the middle of the night!!). Worse yet is waking up to the smell of SKUNK!!! Hope you had a great road trip w/Rose - can't wait to hear about it and see pics!!

  4. Glad you girls had a good time! The friendship of those closest to us just can't be measured.

  5. I'm so use to the country life after 25 years that I don't even hear the bugs or frogs at night. Heck, I don't even hear the racoons when they raid our garbage can!

    I'm so glad you had fun with Rose. Maybe she will come back next year for a visit!

  6. Rose is tough. Did she sleep better last night?