Thursday, August 27, 2009

Road Trip.

I'm back from my road trip. (Love road trips.) This one was all the way up to International falls. It's right on the Canadian border. The lake that we were on, one half of it belongs to the Canadians and the other half is U.S.A.

It took us 5 hours from my house to town and 307 miles. Not bad. Parts of the road reminded me of Alaska. Like around Tok. Kind of flat and a lot of scrubby spruce trees that make Charlie Brown's Christmas tree look full!

Also this is what the road sounded like. Clunk..clunk...clunk...clunkclunkclunk....clunk....clunk...clunk.....clunkclunkclunk....clunk....clunk.....clunk
This is because about every 10 feet there is a asphalt fill line. You do get used to if after awhile but then when you're on fresh blacktop you realize just how loud it is.

We didn't spend too much time in town. Bill ( Rose's husband ) picked us up and took us across the lake to his folks house. While there his cousin showed up with a 26ft Cobalt boat. I don't know much about power boats but it had a big growly sounding engine. It went fast and was a lot of fun. For dinner we went to a restaurant on the lake. That was an experience. They had a lot of docks so that boat people had a place to park their boats (like us ) The place was packed as it was "wing night"

This is a side view of their boat house. On top of it they have deck chairs and tables. It's a great place to hang out at and just enjoy the view of the lake and boats going by. I like lake life.
Our ride to Rose's in-laws. They live on an island on a large lake. Her husband grew up there. He was telling stories of lake life. It sounded like a wonderful way to grow up. It also gave me an insight into why he's bonkers over fishing!

Rose in front of Smoky Bear. I think he's 34 feet tall. That's 29 feet taller then Rose!

No trip is complete without finding the local library. This one is on one end of a very large park with lots of trees. Maybe I should start getting library cards from libraries? That would mean that I would have to lie about living in place. Maybe a un-activated library card. It could be my new nerd hobby.
P.S......I got some fresh walleye. I will have that for breakfast.
P.P.S. Rose, I noticed that somebody was in my purse!


  1. Reminds me of the lakes in Northern Wisconsin. Clean lakes, lots of money and expensive boats.

    I'm glad you had fun on your road trip, fast boat ride and all!

  2. I don't remember when, but I've been on clunky roads like that before. It is very repetitive. There's all sorts of great places to live, isn't there? I keep trying to remember that! Just because you do what you do now doesn't mean you can't do something different later.

  3. Sounds like a great road trip and getting to spend some time on the lake this time of year, bonus. Glad to hear you had a good time w/Rose and her family.

  4. Road trips are best with friends.
    My hubby has driven through International Falls a lot on his way to Canada.
    I think he is headed up to IF this weekend for more fishing. Can you believe that!

    Cute local library.

  5. Hi Krissy, Today the guy that know you was in buying wood. He is/was a pilot - Chris Holt. He said to say hi. If Rose is or was a flight attendant, hi to her too!

    And the road trip sounds fun. I love to drive places when I get to the United States.